Acowood the story...

About 10 years ago we started ACOWOOD with 3
people. At that time our main task was selling
woodworking machinery, tools (such as bandsaw blades,
circular blades) and all kinds of other parts for the
woodworking industry, of high quality.

Later on we started developing our own machines.
shears for cutting bandsaws, and welding machines for
welding the bandsaw-blades. We still are the only company
who has a manual bandsaw welding machine, with a
complete electronic heating control system.

Due to the success of these machines we now have 7
people working in our factory and we are still a flexible
company. Our new engineering department can provide you
with the design, engineering and fabrication of the machinery
to your own specifications.

We also can provide you with second hand machinery
(Brenta, Vollmer, Paul , Stenner, etc.)
All these machines can be reconditioned in our factory.
If our clients are looking for a special machine,
we can check in our database and help them find the machine
to their specifications. If you need more information about
ACOWOOD, our products, or the way we can provide you with
the machines, tools etc. you are looking for, don't hesitate to contact us.