type: Automatic Spray Machine B3

Model B3.
For spraying profiled or flat objects
with two edges.
The automatic spray guns are controlled
pneumatically viaphotocells and
time relay.
As standard, the machine is prepared for
4 guns, but if required can be prepared
for more.
Unused lacquer, paint, stains, oil or wax can be collected and re-used.
Extraction air is filtered.

Technical data:
940 m/m
1190 m/m
1390 m/m
Min. speed of conveyer belt
10 m/min
1690 m/m
Max. speed of conveyer belt
150 m/min
Minimum Height of object
4 m/m
Length of table
3250 m/m
Suction pipe diameter
250 m/m
Total length
3800 m/m
Approx. suction
2500 m3/h
Table height
800 m/m
Approx. suction max.
4000 m3/h
Total height of the cabin
1400 m/m
Motor: belt
0,75 kw