type: Automatic Spray Machine B5

Model B5 luxury development of B3
For spraying profiled or flat objects
with two edges.
Spacious cabin.
The automatic spray guns are controlled
pneumatically via photocell controls and
time relay.
As standard, the machine is prepared for
5 guns, but if required can be prepared
for more.
Speedometer on conveyerbelt.
Unused enamel is collected and re-used.
Extraction air is filtered.

Technical data:
800 m/m
Min. speed of conveyer belt
10 m
1000 m/m
Max. speed of conveyer belt
150 m
1300 m/m
Minimum Height of object
4 m
Length of table
3600 m/m
Suction pipe diameter
2x200 m/m
Total length
4100 m/m
Approx. suction
Table height
800 m/m
Total height of the cabin
1450 m/m
Motor: belt
0,75 kw

Available in:
800 mm capable of spraying max.
600 mm wide objects
1000 mm capable of spraying max.
800 mm wide objects
1300 mm capable of spraying max.
1050 mm wide objects
to spray (large quantities) of long narrow objects in an automatic run-through, spraying
one surface with two edges. Clear lacquer or paint.
Objects: panels, floor boards, picture frames, window frames, skirting boards, shelves, furniture
, etc...
Output: sprays carved and flat items with a very high speed in a constant run-through.
Advantages: Used lacquer/paint can be collected and re-used. Very high working speed and even
surfaces. Maintains a clean working environment. Speedometer on conveyer belts.
Disadvantages: the mouldings must be in the longer way. Transverse mouldings and carves are not
suitable. A little wastage of lacquer/paint must be expected.
Special for B5: very easy acces for cleaning. The suction box can be lowered 20 mm and pulled out
from down under the machine. All other parts can be taken apart for cleaning. A drawer under the spray guns catches most
of the lacquer/paint can be collected again for re-use.
Delivery: Normally the machine is delivered without spray guns and pump because most custom
mers have directly contact with a spray gun dealer, or they prefer to "shop" locally to
get a better deal and maintain the warranty. However the machine can also be delivered inclusive of everything.
Function: the conveyer belts have an adjustable speed. There are electronic controlled photocells, which make sure that the pistols
only spray when objects are passing through. A dust filter catches dried up paint, there
fore the suction pipe does not choke. The cabin is provided with windows for checking the work process. 3 revolving middle
rollers are included. If the objects are small, it may be necessary to use 1, 2 or 3 of
these rolls. Inside the cabin there are installed inlets prepared for high pressure air and
inlets for adjustable spray-air for the guns. A pressure roll keeps the objects in place.
Suction: Ventilator for suction 2500 - 4000 m3/h depending of the model is needed, but not
included in the price.
Competitors: there are many, but other machines are quite differently constructed. This model B5
must not be mistaken for Travers-spraying which is a great deal more expensive and
there the guns move from one side to another.
Sale: Dealers of automatic spray guns are obvious collaboration partners, and so are dealers
of machinery within the wood industry.