type: Curtain Coater B2. 400 Tiltable
Model 400. Tiltable.

Model with tilting table. Coating of narrow
panels, skirting boards, ledges, skis, stairsteps,
blinders, bedsides, pictureframes etc. Surface and
edge at the same time.

A wider lacquer head (model 550) is available,
but with this it cannot be tilted
Total time of cleaning is 4 minutes.
The head is lowered in diluent bath.
Work with a very small amount of
coating - 4 litres
Simply but sturdy construction -
demands very little

A competitive price.

Technical data:
Length of coating head
400 m/m
Min.-max coating quantity
50-350 g/m2
550 m/m
Speed of flow
10-150 m/min
Total width
1270 m/m
Minimum coating quantity
ca. 4 liter
Motor for pump
0,75kW 1410 o/min
Total length
3000 m/m
Motor for flow
0,75kW 1410 o/min
Net weight
400 kg

Available in:
Model B2 - 400/550 with a tilting table can coat up to 30-35 cm wide panels plus one side when tilted.
to coat objects such as window frames, frames, skirtingboards, mouldings, panels, slats, blinders - all flat
objects with coloured or clear lacquer. no maximum length.
Output: runs with a very high speed and coats from 50 to 350 gram per sq. meter
Advantages: there is no wastage of lacquer/paint at all, everything is returned. The coating is extremely even.
You do not need much experience to use the machine. Two sides can be coated at a time.
Disadvantages: profiled objects are not suitable. You need a certain amount of lacquer/paint to run
the machine.
Special for B2: a simple but very easy to handle machine, that hardly ever breaks down. A cleaning system that can be 100% clean
within 3 - 5 minutes.
Function: the speed of the conveyer belts can be adjusted. The pump is lowered into to the lacquer-bucket.
This pumps the lacquer/paint up to the head. At the bottom of this head, you can adjust the opening and the 'film'of lacquer
falls through to a drain for re-use. When an object passes through this 'curtain' of lacquer, the object will then be coated with
the certain amount of lacquer/paint which you have adjusted. When cleaning the head, you just have to lower it into a
diluent bath, and leave it there till next time, that way the head will always stay clean.
Competitors: this model with tilting table is only produced in two countries Germany and Denmark. We are most comeptitive in price and
in our easy cleaning concept of the machine. We have already sold 300 machines just of this type within our own country
Startup: Because the machine is quite simple to use, we recommend to use the manuals. Assistants from local lacquer/paint suppliers
will normally also assist in starting up the machine.