type: Curtain Coater B2. model: 550-1000-1300
Model: 550-1000-1300

Curtain coater B2 is constructed for use in larger
as well as in smaller industries, rendering an
efficient and quick surface treatment of workpieces such as wood, metal, glass, and plastics.

- a 100 percent efficient but minium cleaning.
The head is lowered diluenth bath.

-works with a very small amount of coating.


Technical data:
Length of coating head
550 m/m
Min.-max coating quantity
50-350 g/m3
1000 m/m
Speed of flow
10-130 m/min
Total width
1300 m/m
Minimum coating quantity
ca. 4 liter
1770 m/m
Total height of workbench
800 m/m
2070 m/m
Motor for pump
Total length
3000 m/m
Motor for flow
Net weight
400 kg
Motor for sweepingbrush
500 kg
600 kg