type: B4 x 4 Sanding machine- 800/1000/1300

Sanding machine with 4 heads for sanding and

B4-800 working width: 600 m/m
B4-1000 working width: 800 m/m
B4-1300 working width: 1100 m/m
Normally delivered with best quality sanding paper/brushes, any grit size.

Technical data:
600 m/m
Speed of spindles step-less
350<900 rpm
Working width
800 m/m
Min. speed of conveyer belt
2 m/min
1100 m/m
Max. speed of conveyer belt
14 m/min
Height of conveyer belt
800 m/m
Spindle axles
50 m/m hexagonal
Diameter of discs
300 m/m
With 4 sanding heads  
Grit sizes
4 dust outlet.
ca.2000 m3/h 160mm
Motor for the spindles
1,1 kw
Emergency stop
2 st/pc
Motor for conveyer belt
0,75 kw